Saturday 24 September 2011

A little challenge - The perfect shot results 2nd time lucky and tonights plan

After setting up my filming kit and waiting for the Hedgehog to appear at about 10.30pm I saw a little nose sniffing the Peanut butter from behind the platform and then nothing so I am guessing the Hedgehog could not get up or find the ramp up to the food. Tonight I will add another ramp to the platform to see if this helps it to get up and fingers crossed on the second attempt we will get the footage we are after.
So now its onto tonight's challenge of filming at a new sett and exploring a stream more on that later but in the meadow we are setting up in has Badgers, Barn Owls and Foxes are very active so I have my kit already to go including a hide and a CCTV setup which will be fed back to my Sony mini dv recorder so we do not have to get to close to the Badger sett.  Next to one of the hide windows we are putting dome dog food there to bring in the Foxes for a feed and I will be filming the bait while we wait for the Badgers to emerge and hopefully we get an idea on the number of members there are in this family group known as the Brock meadow family.

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