Friday 23 September 2011

A little challenge - The perfect Hedgehog shot in my garden

Tonight I have set my self a little challenge of getting a shot of a Hedgehog feeding in my garden but I want to get my window with me in shot looking out at the Hedgehog and as my room is on a ground floor it make it a little easier.
We decided on building a small raised platform to bring the Hedgehog into the Best position otherwise my window would not be in shot I also decided on using peanut butter to lure it up to the platform so fingers crossed we will have the footage we need by tomorrow morning and as I can watch from the comfort of my bed all night it should be an easy shot to get and if this works out then I will try and film the Mice, birds and Foxes in the same way.

Check the post tomorrow to see how we got on and also you can read all bout my task for tomorrow night at a new filming location.

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