Sunday 20 March 2011

Inspired by Human planet - Filming the flow of the river

 As I had abit of spare time on Friday afternoon I thought it was about time to take on one of the filming ideas that I was inspired to try by the BBC's Human planet series. So I decided to go for the river flow filming idea due to the river being quite low and I had already had the kit ready to go. After arriving at the river I decided to adjust the rope to stop the ring from spinning and hopefully this would give me more control and it did but it was tricky to keep the camera facing forward. Below is some test footage from the 1st test on mini dv Sony handy cam with a wide view lens.
After using a standard camera with no issue it was time to test a more expensive HD camera on the setup and it worked perfectly we even experimented with the angle of the camera so if somebody walked along the river bank I could follow from the river giving a unique smooth flow shot and the result is below but you have to get the speed wright and have alot more rope than I had to keep it in the river low as sometimes the kit would be pulled into slower water and would not keep up with the bank walker.
But overall I would say project completed successfully so now I just need to see how I can use this setup to get the best shots possible, now its on to the tree Canopy filming ideas!!

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