Sunday 5 December 2010

Waxwings filmed and photographed at last

I had a lie in today due to all the snow melting because of the rain yesterday and then refreezing overnight and my brother went to take some Christmas wreaves to a lady that lives close to me and when he was out he spotted some Waxwings perched in a tree close to some white berry trees on small flat estate only about 2 minutes away from where I live so I jumped out of bed and quickly rushed to get dressed.
Luckily my kit was ready from yesterday so I was prepared and after missing them the first time I was determined to get some photos and video of them feeding on the berries and in the end there were about 8 birds and were very alert and in one instance I got about 3-4 metres away from one of these beautiful birds.
They stayed for about an hour and there behaviour became very predictable they all remained in a high tree and when one bird went to feed three others joined it while the remaining birds watched for predators and they did this every 10 minutes until a kestrel flew by and scattered the group. There is plenty of Berry's left so maybe they will return so I be checking the area over the next few days for signs of the Waxwings as I now want to get some slow motion flight shots.


  1. Great Waxwing images Mike nice birds to see.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I noticed that you are following my blog, and I was curious so I checked your blog out. I really like it - I admire the fact that you use a unique font on your posts, and you include more videos of wildlife than most people's blogs that I follow do, which is a good thing. You also have some very nice images. Well done, I will continue to keep up with your blog, and I have added you to my blog list on your blog. Any comments on my blog in the future would be much appreciated.

    Best Wishes,

    Joseph Nichols

  3. Well done Mike! Wonderful shots of these beautiful birds. Please think about contributing to World Bird Wednesday a meme dedicated to bird photographers. It would be an honor to have you participate in this planet wide event!

  4. Good to see you caught up with the waxwing, I took literally thousands of photo's this winter of them!

    Nice blog, will add to followers.