Thursday 10 June 2010

Camera trap set up in possible Otter and Badger Location

Today I decided to setup my camera trap in an area where I found a small brook and woodland. The area is a good few miles walk from my home and the new area was near a canal, I found a small badger sett which showed some good signs of activity including fresh digging and plenty of stinky latrines that were very close to the sett meaning this was a new group of badgers to film.
Nearby I found some Otter spraint on a group of rocks in the stream and a possibility of a holt close to the rocks where I found the spraint. I ended up going back hope for some salmon and if l leave some fish as well as peanuts/fruit by the brook near the spraint and close to the sett to see what I can film. I hope to get Badgers and Otters  filmed together or one or the other but in one night !!!!. I left feeling excited but nervous about leaving my camera trap so far from home so I think that I will be up early tomorrow to collect my camera trap. I will take my camcorder with me in case I have any wild encounters on the way and hopefully I may see an early morning Barn owl.
As I had another smaller camera trap with me and a spare apple I decided to leave it on a possible Water vole run by the stream and check that to the next day to see if any small mammals show up to take a bite.


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