Sunday 28 August 2022

A long break - The power of the green and pure freedom

With the days shortening and the leaves changing color I decided it was time to come back sharing my experinces and encounters I have while enjoying my passions in life. Its been a long few months since writing anything and I have been enjoying lots of welsh breaks and emercing myself into the British summer as its nice to reminice of these times in the winter I'll be sharing 2022 interests from September onwards.

My Summer garden in early spring

We had many nests in the garden from Robins to Blackbirds but Blue tits in this box failed

One of the views from one of my fantastic holidays looking into the mountains of snowdonia

The beautiful sunset from the beach near the cottage

One of the many tents I used while wild camping on the coast, save the pennys where you can

 Lots of waterways were also explored during the hotter days to keep cool

Ive been privelidged to watch many beautiful sunrises and sunsets
The mountains of Wales had some really beautful flower filled meadows to lay down in and enjoy

My one my favourite places on the outskirts of Snowdonia

Its been the longest amount of months I have felt myself since before the events of the past couple of years I now feel mentally and physically stronger with the odd lapse here and there but thats life and as long as I have the outdoor places to be at peace then life will be easier to enjoy and get through the hard times that no matter how much we worry and fear we cannot change.

Kind regards


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