Saturday 8 October 2011

A new Bird bath at the glade hide and a new ground table

Over the past few days the Autumn winds have caused the leaves to fall from the trees to the woodland floor and now the area looks so different but at least the Tawny's should be easier to spot. At the hide have built a new ground table from wood found floating down my local river and after sanding it down and painting the wood was transformed so after designing a basic ground table then building it I was rather pleased.  After 2 Min's of waiting in the hide sitting comfortably on some old chairs we found in our cellar and reusing them in the hide we were really surprised that 4 birds a Robin, Blue tit, Great tit and Coal tit all had a feed on the peanuts I put on the table straight away.
Another thing we had to build was a natural bird bath and we decided on using a old Roses tin as its watertight and the perfect size for a shallow bathing and drinking pool and as it will be for the woodland floor so Badgers and other mammals can drink from as well we decided on popping to one of the Badger setts to collect some clay that the Badgers dig up and leave around the sett entrance. The clay is perfect for making the pool natural and making the Roses tin unmovable and as the clay is wet at the moment we have stuck leaves and moss collected from damper areas of the woodland to finish it off. Now I need to fill with water and film the birds using the bird bath so fingers crossed I can film tomorrow using my pocket Hd camcorder on a ground tripod to get those close up shots of bird bathing in a natural woodland pool with an Autumn scene behind.
Its does not look much in a photo but believe me its looks great on camera so stand by for footage from the new table and bird bath.

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  1. Hi Mike, here's a tip for you. Try to root out old dustbin lids, the ones we used to get on metal bins, preferably the shallow rubbery type, they are great bird baths but scarce nowadays. Shallower and broader than the tin.

    Cheers Stewart.

  2. Great idea I remember them, there very hard to find though and with the tin I have placed some slate in to make the water shallower and today a Blue tit had a drink from the bath, when I have time I have a plastic shallow plant tray that will be bigger to allow more birds to use.