Sunday 16 September 2018

I'm back with alot to say and my wild camping in Wales

After a month and a bit of rest and enjoying the things I love now I am back to blogging as the nights are drawing in and the leaves are starting to fall. Last week I finished off my summer with a week of wild camping on Anglesey as on my short visit in June plus recent sighting of Orca, Snowy Owls and Risso's Dolphins have propelled me onto the stunning Island.
We ended up staying along the Menai Straits in a wild area for 4 nights we left the area tidy and you would not have known we had been there. One night we slept in our outdoor wet gear on top of a thick waterproof cover with our backpacks as pillows it was rather comfy and I wanted to do again but we had a few stormy nights so I had to get the tent out in the middle of the night to stop us getting wet. In these moments I truly feel myself and free. I'd probably feel happy as a well-off wild sleeper as I'm in my element and truly feel able to cope with changes in weather and the constant adapting.
Sunday morning arrival and just after we crossed the bridge the rain stopped
 After a night of 12 hours of rain and strong winds out came the sun and I was able to dry things out in the sun and get off any mud that was on our gear in the freshwater rock pools
Rock Pools at Almwich
First light on our walk to get breakfast loaded with our backpacks
My favorite sightings were seeing my first Avocet flying up the Menai straight after following the coastal path off through miles of fields. I also saw my first Welsh Red Squirrels along a woodland boardwalk on the way to catch the bus one of six back home after stopping for some fresh pies and cream cakes from my favorite bakery.

 I enjoyed it so much and still lots to explore and that's before I get a paddle board on the water. Holiday properties to rent are already on my to-do list.

More photographs next time as I have not had the chance to unpack my DSLR yet 



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