Saturday 27 November 2010

A snowy morning and 3 badgers at brock wood

I got up early this morning to go and retrieve the camera trap from Brock wood and I looked out the window before I set off to see a fine layer of snow covering the ground so I layered up and set off into the dark Middlewich countryside to see what my camera trap had captured while I was asleep and again I ran into the wading birds sitting in the small stream but it was to dark to identify them but I will try to film them if they stay around.
Below are a few screen caps of the three badgers that showed up and in one clip I filmed a badger and a mouse feeding close to each other. I decided to save the video of the three badgers for my first episode of  my wildlife documentary series "Diaries of a Cheshire wildlife watcher" as it's some of my best badger footage so far.
Female Badger emerging from sett


  1. Great stuff Mike! I have just purchased a Bushnell and came across your videos on YouTube. Maybe you would like to visit my blog at or my site (which is still being built) at Good to see other trail cam footage in the UK!

  2. I just looked at your site and it looks good. I am currently looking for a fox den myself but no look as yet.