Sunday, 21 October 2018

Wild Paddle boarding and more wild time

With the nights coming in quickly now its time to photograph those creatures who come out at last light and I have found Badgers, foxes and barn owls all in one area. One night I captured a wonderful slow motion clip on my iphone

On many evenings lately I have seen Barn Owls on many rough grassy areas which is great to see and shows that the dry summer really made a difference in there hunting success but where some species suceed others fail and struggle to cope.
 While out enjoying the low light walks I check upon many Badgers and some evenings Id arrive and they would be emerging to have a scratch and air there bedding. On countless occaisions I keep hearing about the warmer summer weather usaully means a cold winter to follow which I am really happy about as I have so much outdoorgear ready to go for outdoor walking and wild camping.
I have been enjoying paddle boarding up the river weaver lately and with the ice on its way I am trying to get my board out as much as possible as I dont want to use in the cold so I will switch to my kayak on the colder but sunnier afternoons.
Thanks to my boss for letting me have a week off unpaid but as I have clocked up overtime lately it wont break the bank but I can have a winter break on ANGLESEY which has boosted my energy X1000. I have started prepping just incase the cold weather comes in.
Stay warm and stay wild as the snow of winter is coming...


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