Wednesday 31 January 2018

Drone no more!!!! plus a few photographs

As I am sure you might have noticed that I have not uploaded any footage from my Drone as yet. The reason behind that is after a few test flights it seemed to be not the best quality item and was too hard to control but it was cheap and the battery life was awful even with spare batteries they were hard to take out. I had a few ideas of what to do with the item as I have a wild imagination as you can see from something I made a few years ago.
 The positives from testing the drone showed the camera quality to be quite good as well as the app that see a live view from the camera. I found the distance of the wifi transmission was excellent making the camera something I could utilize if I could increase the battery life and recording time.
So I thought it was now or never and it was time to begin modifying my drone. I got my desk cleared and my lamp on. I undid all the screws separating the main body and revealing the wires. I left the battery in with the camera powered on and the video feed displayed so I could see if separating the camera from the rest of the circuit affected the feed and if it did then I could repair quickly. Then I began to cut all the wires one by one as I thought removing the lights the motors from the circuit would increase the power available for the wifi camera and it did. 

After removing all the unneeded wires, lights and motors without damaging the camera I took my soldering iron and melted the motor arms off the plastic casing. Hopefully, I can get a few pounds for the parts I removed including propellers, RC remote and other bits as the single parts are not available for this model after doing a bit of research.
So know I have a perfect little wifi camera which records 720 videos without audio with a good app to connect to. Now I need to fill in the holes with some plastic resin and test the distance my iPad can be from the camera to maintain recording but I will only need a large distance for when I am filming on the water and in the woods it will be less than 30m.
I am going to be using on lots of projects over the next year. Below is a few ideas I have been thinking of using the wifi camera on.
-Kayaking  -Nest monitoring -fox cubs -Badger sett hole observation -RC WIFI duck cam
My main aim is to use the camera to observe vulnerable wildlife locations where I have seen evidence of wildlife crime as this new cam can be easily camouflaged with green netting I have.
I may even use on my Otter photography project as I really want a clear landscape photograph of an Otter on my local river not a blurry shot of one disappearing down the river. I'll be testing the camera on mice and feeding birds to show the quality of the video in various weathers and light qualities.

A few days Winter camping to come and I've got some new gear on its way to keep us extra warm.

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