Sunday 28 January 2018

Well that was a quick month!!

Well it's flown since the beginning of January but with it being a another warmer start to the year it feels good to see the change of spring coming early. With the growing of fresh vegetation in between the old brown bunches of last summer growth from sticky willy to daffodils and even daises popping up is giving me hope for Spring getting going.
The other day I took a walk to checkout a local Heronry to see if the birds had returned to begin I was not surprised to see that they had not returned but one thing I spotted and smelled was the wild garlic sprouting from all the mud that seems to be an occurring theme with my walks lately.
Sunset on the river weaver one Friday afternoon
 I went back a week later and there was a pair defending there nest with one on lookout and the other making alterations ready for the busiest months of there lives.
5 Nests in one tree awaiting there owners return
On the walk I also spotted this Badger sett which goes under a road and by the looks of it they decided to go under instead of crossing making a Badger subway.
I have a week off soon hopefully I'll be camping on the coast in the winter/spring weather and as long as we pack properly and remember where all the coastal bakery's are we shall be fine.
A photograph from last years February trip
 I'll do a blog about what I take and what we see while on our camping trip
I have seen plenty of wildlife while out and about but the best months are yet to come and I plan to be out alot even in the early hours before work but that will be mainly for Otters so stayed tuned.

Thanks for reading

My Drone is no more but was it on purpose or by accident!!! see my next blog post

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