Sunday, 29 March 2015

Otter signs aplenty

While out walking with my camera on my local patch lately I have seen lots of signs of Otter signs. I have still yet to see one swimming in the waters right on my doorstep my spirits are still high and I won't give up as I think I am so close. River kayaking with my DSLR is on the top of my list this summer especially on the early mornings when the mist is rising on the waters surface as the sun heats up the water.
Local lake on the outskirts of town
By the local canal
Hidden in a thick river blockage
Down by the river there are plenty of footprints and I always seem to miss the maker
An Otter I filmed on the River Dane a few years and I was bouncing of the walls when I got this piece of footage on a cold winters morning.
One day I'll get to see a Wild Otter right in front of me and I am sure it will be a moment to remember.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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