Thursday 26 March 2015

Found the Centurion at last!!!

Last week I started my search for Flash and Whisper around all the local bodies of water and I ended up finding nothing or a different pair of Swans that from a distance could have been them. After reaching the last possible small pool which was located in somebody's garden nearby to where Flash was rescued in December 20014. The pond is next to a cottage and is about 300-400M away from the footpath where I can watch from as the pond is on private land. 
 View from the road of the Pond in the summer as you can see the tree's hide it's location
The current view of the pond
You can just about see the pond through the leafless bushes and luckily I could just make out 2 Swans on the water but I needed to see there leg tags. I waited for a while and the 2 swans jumped up onto the edge of the pond where I could just zoom into check there tags which were both green like Flash and Whispers!!!. I took a few photographs so I could zoom in and try to read there tag numbers then I could see if any of the letters match Flash and Whispers tags.
 Whisper                 -                       Flash
Both first letters Look like C and from what I can see the second letters match Flash and Whispers tags
Hopefully the Centurion and his bride will come back very soon once the weather warms up and reeds on the lake begin to push through the waters surface ready for the Swans to pull out and build there nests up high out of the reach of flooding waters.

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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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