Wednesday 18 February 2015

Quick Camping trip to Wales

A few days ago I managed to get a couple of days on the coast to chill out away from technology. I went with my brother and we camped in a tent and took no DLSRs so we could not take any wildlife photographs!!!.  It was quite warm in the day and night but rather misty in the day so we could not see very much on the sea or any of the beautiful views. We stayed one night rather than 2 as on the second day the mist remained, we had some breakfast and left around 9am on Wednesday morning. It was a short but refreshing stay by the sea and I love roughing it as when you return home you appreciate the small things like a comfy bed, warm water and toast.
We saw and heard plenty of Ravens calling and doing there aerial displays in sync with each other. There were plenty of Seals down in the bays near the Little Orme and you could feel the beginning of Spring as we walked around the wilder areas of Llandudno. I can't wait to get back there in April for a week when I can get more filming and photography done at my favorite place on the North Wales coast.
 The only thing I photographed on my Iphone was this dead Octopus I found on the promenade, I had no clue they could be found on the coast here so I will be keeping an eye out when I am using my easybreath mask.
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe
All photographs except the last one were taken in February last year

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