Sunday 15 February 2015

A sunny day with Swans on ice

While taking a quick walk in the sunshine to find a sheltered spot by the river to enjoy the sound of the rippling water and the bright warm sun. We saw many Goosanders and Kingfishers down on the river Dane as the canal was to frozen for them to feed and as the river runs along side the canal it's perfect for wildlife to move from one to the other. When the river floods and gets murky the birds move from the river to the canal. This Swan and it's mate decided it would be better to sit on the canal ice rather than walk on it.
It was great to watch the pair navigate the thick and slippy ice to get back to each other before taking off to possibly return to the local Swannery.
A few days later the ice melted but Flash and his mate Whisper left before the ice came in and I am hoping that once it gets abit warmer they will return to begin nest building. My filming will begin at this point as I hope to follow them through the season and show a few things that this pair gets up to when raising a family on my local patch.
I got a lovely few hours in the sun that day as we were out of the cold wind and you would not believe it was winter in the spot we found down by the river.

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