Monday 3 October 2011

On my way to Tawny glade hide I make an unfortunate discovery

 I wanted to spend a few hours at Tawny glade hide today and see what shows up to feed in the morning and as I work every morning during the week and only have the two weekend mornings they are very precious to me I always like to spend time in my favourite places to film and on my way to the hide I spotted a sad sight of a large dead Badger by the side of the road it looked like a big male and must have been hit by a car in the night but the main reason I think it was hit was that it crossed on a humpback bridge so it did not stand a chance. 
I have never seen a Badger death here before so hopefully it was a one off and as the Badger was near a few setts I visit often I am going to check on my local setts to find out which one it belonged to but a sad sight to find when you have got so close to these wonderful animals that live so close to our homes and are persecuted in the country but manage to live quite happily in a urban environment.
The Badger was gone when I walked back past so luckily someone removed it to keep them a secret in the area.

I will update on my findings once I have checked all my local setts.

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  1. So sad to see Mike but unfortunately a sight I see far to often on my commute to work in Manchester. I drive in through the lanes via High Legh, Lymm and Partington and often see road kill..Foxes, Badgers, and loads of Pheasants...