Thursday 12 February 2015

With luck and paitience comes reward....

A few weeks ago my brother stumbled onto the Buzzard that's been hanging around catching worms by the river. We managed a get about 10 meter's away from the Buzzard while it hunted and it was not bothered by our presence in the slightest. I got quite a few photographs of this beautiful bird as it would perch on a branch and look down onto the ground then with pin point accuracy it would dive and catch a worm sometimes it would miss it's prey but what a wonderful encounter.
It has to be my best bird of prey encounter on my local patch ever..
When I left I was concerned for the Buzzard due to the area it had chosen to hunt is a popular dog walking area where people let there dog off a lead. The other day nearby we were nearly attacked by a dog who's owner could not control it. We have had to report it to the authority before someone or another animal gets servilely attacked as it has been left unreported before and a local jogger got his leg bittern while running. This recent issue got me thinking about when the Buzzards running around on the ground worm charming in the thick brown vegetation. As it could not see any dogs coming near it would have no time to escape and therefore a high chance of the Buzzard being injured which I hope does not happen. I will keep an eye on the Buzzard over the next few days to see what happens as I think this may end badly due to the amount of dogs off leads in the area.

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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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