Sunday, 8 June 2014

Death of a Cygnet

Since rescuing the Swans a few days ago I have been checking Flash, Snow and Cygnets are all safe and up to Friday they were and on Saturday evening we spotted the Lifeless body of a Cygnet or Gosling but we could not be sure but to confirm we decided on looking for the family to be 100%.
After a 10 minute walk we found the family and unfortunately there were only 7 so we have lost 1 cygnet and I don't know why the cygnet died whether to a predator or injured by a dog until I can find and check for any suspicious injuries on the Cygnet I won't know. Luckily saving the other 2 gave the family a better chance and if we had not had intervened then there would be only 5 instead of 7 but that's nature and sometimes there's things you can help with and other times you have to let Nature take it's coarse and as I can't be there 24/7 it was bound to happen due to there being so many dangers around them and the worst being man.
A few photographs from a kayaking trip before the family was down by one
Scratching that itch
Giving them some of my breakfast at sunrise it was a very peaceful 
and special moment as they kept coming over and tapping on my kayak like there mum and dad
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