Saturday 28 December 2013

Top 13 Wild moments of 2013 Part 2 8-5

In this post I will be counting down my 13 top Wildlife encounters and projects of the year in 2013 and in this post I will be doing my 8, 7, 6, 5th best wildlife moments.
8. Mute Swans are common birds but over the year I have found out they have different personalities and there bond to each other is strong. After owning a canal boat for a few months I have observed them in the night and there bond to each other becomes much more amazing as when a Mute Swan calls in the night in a pair of Mute Swans territory they secure there bond with a dance of love which involves mimicking and some unusual calls but to watch this under the stars during a full moon was an amazing thing watch.
7. A few years ago I built an artificial Fox den with cameras installed ready to film any animals that decided on setting up home in my ready made Fox hole. A year later the den is hidden and looks natural, so I decided on setting a camera trap on the entrance to the den to see if any visitors have begun using the den. Below is some of the photos I captured of a Badger and some rats which is a great start and it's wonderful to see a creature using my artificial den.
6. With the Red and Fallow Deer rut being a big part of the Autumn months I always make time to photograph them. Whether there rutting or not there a great mammal to photograph and below is a couple of photographs that stood out from this year.
5. Another nesting bird and this time a Great Crested Grebe that nested on a lake where I kayak and luckily this year they nested right next to a tree and I kayaked over to the tree wearing camouflage and climbed up to get a perfect view of the adult on the nest. Unfortunately they did not breed due to being disturbed by other kayakers that don't respect nature but next spring I have a plan to stop this happening.
Tomorrow I will do my best 2013 moments from 4-2



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