Sunday 29 December 2013

Top 13 Wild moments of 2013 Part 3 4-2

In this post I will be counting down my 13 top Wildlife encounters and projects of the year in 2013 and in this post I will be doing my 4, 3, 2 best wildlife moments of the year.
4. Over the past few years I visit a spot by the sea where a pair of Ravens nest and when there chicks fledge the family stays in the area and watches from the cliffs above for people having picnics to leave so they can feed on the scraps. This gives a great opportunity to get some close up shots of the family up close these large, black birds are amazing and to watch them fly by the sea is just an amazing moment to witness.
3. One of my most memorable moments of the summer has to be seeing my first Osprey at my favorite place on the coast of North Wales. A short but amazing encounter with one of the birds I have always wanted to see and to see it gliding over the Irish sea was a memory that I will treasure.
2. On one summers weekend I ended up spending an unplanned night camping by the sea on the Great Orme and in the night I could hear all the calling sea birds on there ledges calling to there partners on the sea. One morning we woke up early as we had to catch the 5 hour bus back home from North Wales to Cheshire. The sun was rising and the sky was blue and to make it even more perfect the walk back was along a coast road and there were 4 pods of Bottlenose Dolphins jumping and splashing in the bay below. I just wish I was on the water in my kayak as it have been a life time tick of Kayaking with Dolphins on the North Wales coast #2014bringiton.
 Tomorrow I will post my number one wildlife encounter of the year.



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