Monday 8 October 2012

Injured helping out Badgers it's just my luck

A few days ago I was working at my wood land area putting barb wire up and I had to remove some due to it being in the wrong place and as I hit it off the end flew up and left 2 deep scratches on my head which stopped bleeding after a minute or two but they are healing now and the experience has not put me off conservation or working with barb wire as it was my own fault.
Coming up on my next few posts will be my visit to Tatton park Deer rut, Otter tracking begins and I get an afternoon at Llandudno:).


  1. look forward to the deer pics - we were at Tatton park on Friday and got some lovely shots - lots of bellowing going on but no fights to record yet!

  2. Yes it's great isn't it wish they did a daily update of Strongest stags and give them names like they did on Autumn watch a few years ago.