Thursday 4 October 2012

Canal work under way but still closed :(

As you can see below the canal is still blocked off so I have shifted my attention to a new site where I have left the area to go quiet over a few months and it's at this area of decking where I am beginning my Kingfisher project that I mentioned a few weeks ago and I visited on Saturday morning and seems like they are using it but without a pool there I think they may 
roost there as the area is hidden out of site on a private lake.
Below is a photograph I took of the Kingfisher when I arrived at the Kingfisher hide yesterday but it suddenly took off and returned to a different part 
of the lake but I guess it's a start.
Not to bad after leaving the area in peace for a few weeks but not my main target is an animal close to  my heart as it's the mammal I love tracking and trying to film especially in the winter months and as they are so elusive it makes me even me more determined to see one on my local patch and after years of researching and speaking to walkers in the area I know a few places which may deliver when the frost and ice hits.
Hopefully my next post will be Deer related as the weathers looking good for Tatton park at the week end so I'll leave it there till then.

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