Tuesday 2 October 2012

Plans for the next few months

Over the next few months maybe a bit quieter for me as there is less light and the weather is so unpredictable but I have a few plans for the Autumn/Winter season including filming and photographing Red and Fallow Deer rutting at my local Deer park Tatton.
Footage from last year
 As well as captive Deer I am hoping to find wild Deer on my local patch in Cheshire but as there not documented to be there it will be quite a task but I have heard rumors and may have seen a Muntjac deer using the canal towpath as traveling route to move between grazing areas.
I am also hoping that I get a few day trips to North Wales for a refreshing blast of sea air to get me through the winter months of no full weeks there.

As the canal is still inaccessible I have had to find a place to kayak as my regular place is cut off so at the week end I got my fix of paddling at sunrise which was a relaxing experience but an upsetting discovery was found by the river yesterday which I will post about next time.
After writing this blog post I have realized that it's going to be very busy and as I have booked 5 weeks of filming  for 2013 at Llandudno there's lots to work out for that but I will begin that after Christmas.

Thanks for reading



  1. I'm hoping to get up to tatton on Friday to photograph the Red Deer, like the video

  2. Cheers, Let us know if there rutting yet.