Thursday 2 August 2012

Working on my new Showreel 2012

Just a quick one to say I have started writing the narration and editing video for my 2012 showreel to showcase some of my latest filming as this year I have had some great shoots with Stoats, Sea birds, Porpoises over the summer months and as my first few edits of my video showreels from 2011 now feel a little bit dodgy in places from jerky video to unclear narration but this next edit shall be my best work yet as I have better editing and recording kit as well as more knowledge on video editing and how to get the best from your footage.

It's a very long process and hopefully as I have lots of hide time coming up at my two new secret hides the creativity and ideas should be flowing as the areas I shall be working are quiet and inaccessible by most.

Previous Showreels can be found here:

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