Sunday 13 December 2015

Last week on the North Wales for 2015

At this time of the year usually a few weeks before Christmas I always like to take a week off to spend a few days walking by the sea. As always I spend the week at my favorite cottage as it caters to all my needs at a good price. I love spending a week on the outskirts of Llandudno due to the sea and coastal habitats being so close. There were a few birds I wanted to see and as always I wanted to get up into the mountainous areas of Conwy.
Sunset from Llandudno's West shore
The pool at the west shore had flooded but you could still sit on the benches
The first 2 birds I wanted to see were Red Throated Divers and Great Northern Divers. We found them both just offshore of Angel bay near to where the group of Grey Seals lay up and moult there skins. No photographs as it was grey at the time we went so I was happy just to see them through our binoculars.
On the same day we also went to see the 2 Black Redstart's nestled down in some rocks just above the Seals in a Quarry area. We tried a few times before but there always seemed to be a photographer with a big lens making the birds flighty. On the day we visited both birds were easy to find high on the ledges calling back and forth while the cold north wind blew over the sea.
The week was mostly sunny and warm but as we had arrived after the latest batch of wet weather it was quite muddy and slippery especially when we went to find a Scaup on a marine like pond at a place called Parc Arias. The bird was easy to find and mostly it kept diving to feed but stayed in the center of the pool. The wind got stronger when the tide changed so we got a few photographs then headed off for some lovely Sausage and chips by the sea.
Rainbow in the mountains of Conwy near the Synchant pass
Ryan the Swan Whisperer recording the Mute Swans tags
View of Conwy castle from the harbour
Sunset on the Conwy Estuary
Sunset by the Swan pool
As I have started to get into drawing again I decided on buying a new sketch book to keep all my drawings in one place and so I can draw wherever I am especially in my hide. Below is a quick sketch of my brother Ryan with one of our local swans.
Thank you and stay wild

Mike Mottram

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