Thursday, 19 July 2012

A spot of luck :) Great crested grebe and chicks

A quick post today as I was busy packing orders and working on my sites so as I needed to the diy shop to get some materials for one of my Otter projects that is nearing completion but most of the details are secret until I know the area and project has been successful so it might not be till Spring 2013. 
 On my way back as I had my camera with me I walked back along the canal and for the first time this year the Grebe and the 2 chicks I filmed earlier in the nesting season from egg to chick. They must have left there pool to feed on the canal but strangely 1 adult and 1 chick was unaccounted for and as there normally 
together I think its very strange. So some investigating is needed to see if they have been predated but hopefully there further up the canal feeding together.
Footage from this spring
The sun was in so the light was rubbish but they were so close I wanted to at least document them as this is the first time I have seen them breed here successfully for a long time due to rising waters and predation.
Come and get your dinner!!!!
Mum I'm not hungry okay then I will eat myself
A great encounter and a reminder of why I love living in Cheshire and 
having the canals and rivers so close to my house is a bonus so next time I will show you the habitats on my local patch of Middlewich on the plains of Cheshire.

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