Saturday 17 March 2012

Water Birds return to the flashes!!!!

After a very quiet winter on the flashes it seems like the local waterbird life is coming back due to the change of winter to spring from a pair of Great crested grebes which nest got flooded by rising water and a first for me on the flashes was a Little Grebe in summer plumage so I am hoping that they will stay around and breed and if they used on one of my floating nest rafts that would be great.
I am spending an afternoon on there this week to do proper photography as I have not really taken any photographs since my North wales trip in February.
I thought I would post a photograph of the cattle that drink from the flashes on warmer days and they always seem to just stare at me when I paddle past luckily they seem to back off and only stay in the shallows.

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  1. Thank you Andrew we must catch up soon I have done a little bit of work at the sett where we took you in the summer.