Friday, 16 March 2012

Frogspawn update - Tadpoles developing!!!!!

A quick update on the Frog spawn and I am happy to say the tadpoles are developing and the spawn is not turning to mush as I was thinking it may do if it did not get enough light in the window of the garden office so I have a lamp to switch on if there are too many dark days but now there growing I will setup my time lapse camera on the tank to capture the changes that they go through from being in the jelly marbles to hatching into the small black tadpoles that will grow into young Frogs for more information on the amazing metamorphosis from black blobs to Frogs then click the link here.
At my wild pond the water level has dropped quick alot but there is enough for a variety of creatures to live in and the tadpoles should be fine as I hope to add more pond weed and plants the water and bank so that they have a place to hide from predators.
Coming tomorrow I plan to kayak a new area of the river which I have never kayaked before so i will be on the lookout for signs of Otters and hopefully find a 
place where I can film the cubs with the mother which would be a great thing to film on my local river and hopefully raise the conservation of the rivers that they depend on to survive.

Thanks for reading