Thursday 15 March 2012

Kayaking a new area of the river

After looking at the weather for the rest of the week and as its given a warm sunny week with no rain I am planning to kayak a river which I have never been on before the special thing about this river is that is wilder as it flows by miles of woodland making it perfect for Otters and as the river is wider, deeper and in the middle of know where I am hoping it is hiding a few wild secrets and as I float past it should not disturb any wildlife and fingers crossed it should allow me to get some low level shots and as well as signs of Otters I will be on the lookout for Birds of prey, Kingfishers, Foxes and Hares along the banks and the nearby farmland and pools along the opposite side of the bank. 
 Location is secret but I will post any findings I have as long 
as it does not give any information about the area away.
There may be many hazards along the way from rapids to hidden dangers like sharp branches and rocks that could rip the kayaks but as long as we stay alert and take our time hopefully we may find what were looking for.

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