Friday 9 March 2012

Frog spawn is every where!!!!!!!!

Over the past week I have noticed alot of ponds on my local patch are now containing frog spawn from my own garden pond to the woodland valley and the wild pond we dug out over the winter months I am just hoping that there is no more winter weather on its way and the frog spawn is another sign of spring. 
As I have never had any frog spawn in my garden pond before I decided to place some in a fish tank that I used to keep my pet Cray fish in before it sadly died a few years ago so I was glad to find a use for it again. I placed the pond water and a small amount of the spawn into the tank and at least if the winter weather makes a return and freezes the pond I will have some ready to replace them I have placed on my desk in the garden office with a desk light which creates a small amount of heat over the top so the frog spawn will be able to have an extra bit of warm light to help the tadpoles develop.
When the tadpoles begin to develop I may put a timelapse camera on the tank to record there change from spawn to tadpole which is something that I have not watched since my first year at school when observing the changes from spawn to tadpole to frog and I am sure this experiment may bring back some old memories from my school days.
I will post any changes to the spawn and hopefully if they do develop we can film there change in realtime and watch it speeded up over a few minutes.

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