Tuesday, 4 October 2011

River recycling - reusing wood washed down the river

 After doing some river walking on my local river the Dane with my waders on looking for any signs of mammal activity and one thing I noticed was how much wood was building up blocking the river. The wood is getting washed into the river due to flooding onto farm land and the fast water taking fence posts or any other timber down river this got me thinking of what I could do with the good quality wood that is building up and creating dams on the river and my first idea was a new bird table for my garden as the old one is falling to bits and a new Bird table for the Tawny glade hide. 

I have got a few pieces of good timber but I need to dry them out then sand them down and treat them with a varnish. Once done I will draw a design and begin to build I will begin with the Tawny glade bird table as I only have enough for a ground table.  I need to find a way to carry a big, heavy block of wood that is by the river for my garden table before I start building it.

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