Sunday, 2 October 2011

A new bird at the glade hide and I give the hide a new name

 As it was absolutely boiling today I went down to the Glade hide to cool down in the shade as it was after work and on a Friday afternoon I could not wait to get down there and as my new camouflage had been delivered I decided to get it on the hide to block the edges to make the hide more invisible. The feeding station seemed quiet and I could not understand why until I looked up and caught the glimpse of a Tawny Owl looking down onto the feeders obviously waiting for an easy meal of a bird or rodent coming in for food. 

I tried to locate the bird but the area around the hide is very thick and dense so it was tricky but I got another glimpse of it flying low to the ground but it disappeared again so I finished the hide and left with the plan in mind to return at the weekend before sunset and it was there again and it flew off to a different tree but it was calling this time probably due to the low light making it perfect for the Owl to begin its nightly activity. I wanted to capture the Owl calling so I set at a sett to check up on my new Badger family and as they are very active and the camera records sound it should record background noise so I will post my findings tomorrow fingers crossed we get some calls of maybe one or twos Owls calling to each other establishing new Territory's.

Oh yes before I forget the Glade hide is now called Tawny glade for future reference.

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