Saturday 1 October 2011

Bird bath at the glade hide and providing some extra fruit

  As the glade hide has been up for a month now and the feeders are being used by mainly Tits and Robins I want to attract a few more birds into the area from Finches and Woodpeckers to the many migrant birds such as Goldcrests and Redwings so I have gathered some apples from a local orchard to throw around the wood and create some stock piles in the area and who knows in a few years we may have apples growing in the area.
Another issue was water for bathing and drinking as I noticed the birds would feed then disappear and return telling me they were going to the closest water source to drink then returning to feed again. So I decided to add a small water source to keep them around longer and save them energy.
I used a plant pot and water tray it does the job but its not very natural so I will add some clay and moss to make it fit in with the woodland habitat and hopefully film the birds using the bird bath with a small Hd camcorder close up with a great woodland setting behind them.

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