Saturday, 2 July 2011

A new place to film and relax -Otters pass -

 Today I began creating an area to be named as Otters pass in my posts to dock my kayak up and relax and film lots of secretive wildlife like Waterrails, Otters and Kingfishers hunt within reed beds and may even raise family's. I will keep the location secret due to making sure the wildlife and the area is undisturbed by human activity and when I am there I will be hidden under camo and will be as quiet as a mouse. 
First job was to reach the land and this was quite easy after getting through a small amount of brambles when your in an inflatable kayak its not the best idea but all was well and after reaching the bank I then put in a post painted green to hide it from view but as its a half a mile from land it should be hidden quite well and in deep cover.  After docking I explored an area to put a hide due to there being an open area behind the reed bed which is shut off from the main body off water and hidden from view making this a great area to setup a camera trap to gauge the species in the area without risk of it being stolen and allowing the more shy animals and birds of the reed beds to go about there buissness.
 Now where to put the cameras one on land and one on water I think to cover all bases and the first is the idea below on water but I will explain more in the next post once I begin building using recyled items found around my work shop and disgarded items that people have dumped to my annoyence in some beautiful places on my local patch so rather than waste and take to the tip I thought I would use to help the wildlife out in various ways.
  I think I need to make some changes but the basic idea should work after and after some trials which will begin in a week or two!!!!

Thanks for reading