Sunday, 10 July 2011

A few updates-Otters pass seating and a Kayak camcorder mount

After a few busy weeks and as I have not had alot of time to blog and I have so much to post about so I will start with a new species on my local patch that I saw while taking across a bench on my kayak to Otters pass filming site which was abit risky but is was worth it as we now have a place to sit and film in comfort once the Red Ants disappear from the area.
On my way back and as I had my DSLR close to me I was able to grab a few shots of a Little Egret that seems to be sticking around the area and I have not seen one near Otters pass before but I could not get to close due to high winds causing rough water making it hard to paddle near to it, I managed to get a few flight shots by spinning my kayak around and I felt dizzy afterwards but it was worth it.
After a great encounter with a bird I have never seen on my patch and having no way to film it got me thinking of a way to film from my kayak so I decided to build a mount and a board to attach a small camera to test on the front of my kayak and film to fantastic footage on the water and then hopefully build a bigger mount for a pro camcorder for zoom in purposes and filming wildlife from a distance.
The camera worked great and I will upload footage soon and when I begin making a more sturdy mount for a heavy camcorder I will post that footage soon after as I cannot wait to get started and get filming on the water.

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  1. I can't believe you got that bench their by kayak... at least you have some comfort to watch the wildlife... very enterprising.

  2. I took it in 3 sections, 12 wooden slats and 2 heavy metal ends which were the worst bits and we put it together in an hour on the island so it was not that difficult but we were tired carrying the sections from our house to the kayak sailing area.