Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A unexpected treat at Brock wood!!!

 After work I decided not to go to far due to the weather forecast of heavy rain so I decided to have a few hours of peace and quiet at Brock wood and get some woodland shots in the rain and as I had some peanuts in my kit bag I decided to throw some around the Badger sett and as I was about to leave I spotted a Badger feeding on the peanuts down one of the tunnels about 4 metres away and amazingly it was about 2pm in the afternoon I was very surprised so I managed to get my camcorder out and film it coming out of the hole and it looked quite healthy and did not seem bothered by me but as it came to the surface it heard a Pheasant alarm call so it returned underground and it kept feeding on the nuts down the hole until I left.
Below is some of video from the afternoon I got very close to this wonderful individual. 
I was ecstatic as its another piece of footage I needed for the story of the Brock wood Badgers that will be told in the first episode of "Diaries of a Cheshire wildlife watcher".
A photograph I took after filming 
A video cap from the footage I recorded
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  1. Very nice to see this. I'm an occasional visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your work. Thank you very much.