Monday, 16 May 2011

Editing the new trailer for Wild ormes of the North

I have not had time to post this week as I have been tied down to my PC this week editing my second episode trailer and I think I have finished it and its just abit of a preview to give an idea of what will feature in the main episode and I am very pleased with the end result and it should be uploaded very soon at the highest quality I can get. 
I hope to show it to people that have shown interest in my wildlife filming as well as using it to open a few doors from renting a boat for filming marine wildlife to gaining access to secret locations where I can get some amazing footage of the wonderful wildlife at North Wales. I have had a great few days meeting and chatting to people about filming wildlife in the local area and they are surprised when I tell them what wildlife I have filmed around Middlewich(Cheshire) and people seem really interested and the word is starting to get around and I am getting some great information on filming locations so its great to finally be getting noticed as a wildlife filmmaker even if its only by people who live my town. 
With this being the case I thought it was time I made a promo DVD of some of my work for those who either have no access to the Internet or want to watch on a big screen TV so I have had a few requests from people who wish to see my work. 

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