Sunday 8 May 2011

A walk in the woods and a few nest finds

 Due to not having much time over the past few weeks and as I had a free morning today I decided to set off down to a woodland by the canal and have a look at what was around. My first discovery was down a woodland gully where a small stream flows and now that the woodland is full of Bluebells and plenty of foliage and with the birds singing and the sun shining through the canopy it was a stunning scene.
After climbing down into the gully i spotted a Blackbird flying up off a nest on one of the gully sides and it was right out in the open there was no cover at all and as there is so many predators in the woodland I wondered if they would survive to fledgling. As I only had my IPhone on me I angled it over the nest and managed to get one shot and then I backed off so the adult could return to the nest, I will probably return to the wood this week with my gear to get some footage of the parents feeding the young.
2 eggs in the nest and one chick had hatched
A possible Buzzards nest but I need to watch for a fews hours to be sure
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  1. Lovely photos. BTW I think the people who own the Pier are The llandudno Pier Company but I can't find any details about them.