Saturday, 19 November 2011

Another great afternoon at the Tawny glade hide

Just a few photographs from today's visit to Tawny glade hide and the first visitor of the day was this male pheasant who was very wary of the hide and gave me a stare through the camo netting as if to say how stupid do you think I am so maybe I need to add more camouflage to the hide.
The Greater spotted woodpecker returned with another woodpecker friend and provided me a few shots of them sticking there tongues out to get small pieces of apple and I had to be very quick pressing the trigger but after afew shots I managed to get a few photos of the woodpeckers incredible tongue.
You can see the apple on the Woodpeckers tongue which they normally use to get insects out from crevices in the trunks of tree or in the tree canopy.
The Grey Squirrels here seem very shy and wary of the hide but they are growing less fearful and coming closer to the hide for some food and drink.
Just a quick edit of the photo above and I think it makes the Squirrel look like its begging for food and in B/W the Grey Squirrel looks better than the feeder shot above.
Last but no means least this little Blue tit was the first to feed from my hand and take some sunflower seeds and over the winter I will try to film them doing this as the search for food becomes harder for our feathered friends I am sure the other woodland birds will soon be following there lead.
As you can see even cropped there is so much detail and colour as the light around our woodland hide is quite good as we built the hide in a woodland glade so the light would always be good for taking photographs as long as the sun is shining.
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  1. A first for me too, never seen a woodpecker with tongue out. Very cool

  2. Thank you both, it was an amazing thing to watch

  3. I'll bet it was. I did put out a half and apple with peanut butter, but no takers. Yet...I'm adding yet as I am staying hopeful :)

    Your photos are amazing, but I am especially loving the Blue Tit. We have nothing like them here-they are beautiful!