Thursday 25 November 2010

Waxwings in Middlewich

As I was working at my other job this morning I sent my brother with a task to try and photograph a mink which we saw at its den on the river Dane the day before. But he never got there as he ran into a flock of Waxwings T 10-11am that were feeding on some berries next to the big lock pub on the other side of the main canal bridge but he could not get to close as they were very nervous as there was Buzzard nearby and then left after an hour but I was very jealous.

so I went to the spot once I got in from work a 1pm and they had gone, so tomorrow I will be checking some of the red Berrie trees that are nearby to try and locate the 20 - 30 strong flock on my way to setup the camera trap for some weekend badger filming at Brock wood.
Photographs taken by my brother Ryan Mottram on his Nikon D50

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