Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A walk through Wimbolsley woods

I went for a quick walk today down by the canal to another one of my local woodlands which is about 11.24 acres and its where I set up a bird table last winter to film and photograph some of the birds in there natural woodland habitat. 

Lots of birds were moving around the woodland feeding on the insects that are still active on the edge of the woodland which seems to be still a little green and has been unaffected by the change of summer to autumn. Another thing I love about this woodland is the canal and a lake runs right next to the wood and farmland surrounds the wood and also a small stream flows through the middle of the wood into the river weaver and when the river weaver flooded in 2007 it created a pond making this area a good mix of habitats for a variety of wildlife. 

Wimbolsley wood is a one of my favourite places to visit in the summer months when the light breaks through the emerald green canopy and also in  the winter months especially when it snows.

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