Saturday 20 November 2010

New pieces of wildlife filming kit

I bought two new items for my wildlife filming kit this week the first was a handheld jib which is a long telescopic pole which has a reel and belt built in which lets you change the angle of the camcorder which allows you to get some beautiful shots with a camcorder that are hard to get.
One of the uses for the jib for example is filming pan down or up shots from high to low, the best example is starting in the tree canopy of woodland in the summer you extend the pole to full height and slowly bring down the pole and it gives a smooth view from up high in the green tree canopy to down to the woodland floor. I will be experimenting and seeing what other shots I can get with the handheld jib so when the emerald green leaves are back on the trees I will be ready to capture some great footage for my wildlife films.
The other new piece of kit I got was a small mini HD camera which films Hd video and high quality audio for upto 16 hrs on 32GB card and also it has 8 IR LEDS built in I will be using to film the birds and small mammals in my garden until I work out how best to use it by leaving in Brock wood and filming the paths that the woodland mammals use at night which makes this a great piece of kit for wildlife filming.

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  1. Looks like you are building up some nice kit Mike. Good luck with the project.