Thursday 18 November 2010

Building a new bird feeding area

As the mornings are becoming more frosty as winter approaches I thought it was time to begin putting out some more bird feeders and set up another area where I could film the shier birds without disturbing them feeding.
  I thought the best place to setup a feeding area was behind my garden office as I already have a ground table and a large pile of rotting apples from the autumn harvest for any thrushes or blackbirds that come into the garden. Also I have a bright outdoor light  which when switched on lights up the small area and creates abit of heat which birds have be known to sit underneath and sunbathe as if it was a hot sunny day and it provides a good light source for filming and photography.

As the area is close to the office it means I can set up a few cameras and my digital SLR to get some close-up shots of the garden birds feeding in my garden hopefully I will get abit of spare time at the weekend to get the new bird feeding area ready.

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