Sunday 17 June 2018

Busy as a Bee or not

Wow how the weeks have flown and were nearly on the longest day of the year already. I've just had my June summer 2 weeks holiday off from my part time job. I dont do many hours in the week but it ties me up for my favorite parts of the day.
At this time of year I miss the sunsets as its quite late in the evening and the sunrises are about 5am and as I have to be up early and go to bed early its only on a Friday evening and Saturdays where I can truly relax and enjoy the best times of the day where the switch of people transfers the night to Nature. So unless I'm off work I can't enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer maybe one day once I figure out which path to take in life that offers me as many of the things I want as possible.
My summer treat a Stand up paddleboard
I have loads of updates from before my holiday and from on my holiday where I just missed 2 crazy creatures on the coast of Anglesey so I've decided to explore Anglesey more if I get any more weeks off this summer otherwise it may not be till July/September.
I have been going to Wales for years and this was the first time I had ever stepped foot on Anglesey and as we got the bus to Bangor then walked the Menai straight over the bridge to Beaumeris I felt like this is my kind of area with lots of of coast to explore. While we were there a film was being made by Robert Downey Junior which was interesting to see I'll await the film release to see the Menai bridge in the film.
 Camping by the river
So many sunsets were enjoyed
 Exploring the river that flows under the M6
I'll try to do a blog daily this week to catch up as I think I could do a short post if I get 15 minutes while I'm out in the countryside.



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