Monday 29 February 2016

First nest of 2016 in my garden and theres eggs!!!

Over the past few weeks we have been watching a pair of Robins building a nest in my garden and I was quite surprised how early they started. It seems other birds are slowly starting to follow the Robins lead as I've seen the Sparrows emptying there old nest material out from under the eves of my home. On Saturday 28th February I was looking out of the kitchen window and I spotted the male Robin calling from a branch near the nest. The female came out and was fed by the male bird a few times before it returned to the box hidden in some thick Ivy outside my bedroom window. As there's been lots of cold frosty mornings lately you think I would be concerned but as the nest is in a deep section of Ivy the nest is well hidden and protected. Once the pair left to have a sing I decided to check with my Iphone which took a second and then I went inside to allow the Robin to return which she did.
I was pleased to see 3 eggs in the bottom of the nest and I think this may be the earliest report of Robin eggs laid this year and may be the first to hatch.
If the Robins run into any really cold whether I'll be off to the local fishing shop to buy some maggots which should help them through the worst of the weather if there is a lack of insects but I think they will be fine due to the amount of Gnats flying around in the nearby cemetery.

Updates to follow as well as photographs of the nest location and possibly some video footage from the nest camera if the one I installed last year still works.

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