Tuesday 6 October 2015

Next bike journey from Middlewich to Tatton park

After biking 16+ miles last week I decided that this week I wanted to increase my distance once more, the place I chose was Tatton park as it's further from my home than Marbury park. The other reasons I chose Tatton park was because as it's Autumn I thought the Red and Fallow Deer rut could be starting sometime soon. Thanks to Google earth I could easily work out the journey using street view and I could easily see a footpath all the way there. On the journey there it was all good and there were no problems. You could easily tell not many people use this footpath as in some places there were wild road casualty's littering the hedgerows from Foxes to Birds and even a Bat but as we left our heavy DSLRS behind we got no photographs. As we nearly reached the town of Knutsford I decided to give my tires a pump up and as I did the Presta valve snapped off as the inner tube had been on there for a year with no punctures. As I had no spare inner tube I decided that rather than turn back and give up on our plan to visit the Deer park to continue and push my bike to there and all the way back home. 
We had a snack and stayed by a small gathering of Red Deer stags for an hour before beginning the long journey home. I manged to ride my bike on the hills even with a puncture and then push on the ups and the flat parts so we made some time up. 
The journey was about 25 miles there and back via the route we took. On the way there we spotted a few rivers and woodlands that opened onto the footpath so hopefully next time we head that way we can check them out as the areas look more wilder and Ottery than the woodland rivers on my doorstep.

Not a total success but now I know the route and how long it will take I can prep better when we have another attempt sometime in the near future.

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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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