Sunday 24 May 2015

An Otter encounter at last!!!

A few weeks ago I popped out early to check on a possible new Swans nest on a farmland pool but unfortunately when I get there all I found was 2 Canada Geese and a few Teal. After finding nothing on the reed pool I decided to head back home by the river and canal. While on my way back it began to rain so I decided on passing by the lake to see if the swans had returned to there nesting spot but they had not so I gave the Geese and coots some seed and headed back on the canal. While going around one of the corners I spotted something coming towards me right up against the canal bank wall towards me. At first I thought mink but I quickly noticed it wasn't due to it's behavior as it kept diving and resurfacing. I quickly got my I-Phone out so I could get some footage of the Otter. Once I got my phone out it changed directions and started to head away from me towards an outlet which runs into the river. I quickly headed to where the outlet came out to see the Otter on land and it quickly ran down a hill into the river. The Otter entered the river and swam away from the bank then looked up to me and sat up straight bobbing up and down like a Seal does. It began sniffing towards me loudly and it seemed like it was more curious than scared once it realized I was no threat it slowly disappeared behind some rocks.
I decided not to post Footage I recorded on my I-phone to keep the area secret
After many years of tracking and trying to film my local Otters all it took was a walk by the canal at a quiet time of day to see a creature that I have been trying to see on a river, on a canal, in the day and get close to and I was so pleased to finally get the view I got. I think the Otter was hunting toads as at this time of year there are usually lots of Frogs and Toads looking for a mate and sometimes they fall into the canal and end up struggling to find a way out making them easy prey for Otters.
Hopefully this will be one of many encounters for 2015 as I still really want to film and photograph an Otter in full HD on my DSLR.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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