Monday 20 April 2015

It's about time for some Star photography

With the nights getting shorter and the sun going down later I decided to have ago at something that I have been meaning to try for a few months. I did some research into what settings to use on my camera and after setting my camera up we set off at last light to find a place to get the best star views with no light pollution. Unfortunately the stars were to high in the sky and I could not get them in shot with some of the local natural and man made features.
Hopefully I will be back to visit some of the places I have found and I've also been thinking of trying some night time star photography from my kayak on the local rivers and lakes on my local patch.
With no luck down the Towpath I decided on heading outside my back gate to my local cemetery. Although there is lots of light pollution from street lights, cars and houses I was rather pleased with the shot below as it shows what you can get if you experiment with lights and your camera.
Night photography of stars above my local cemetery and the graves in view making it a little spooky
 You can clearly see Orion and his belt
I will be heading out with my camera at night in the future especially if we get a clear sky and there are plenty of stars to photograph. Hopefully I can capture something truly beautiful that shows how stunning the night sky is even when there is so much light pollution. In April I'll be off to Wales and hopefully I can get better photographs there as there's less light pollution which means more of the night sky and stars can be seen.
Here's an example of the images I wish to take while on the Welsh coast:
Taken by Joel Walley
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