Tuesday 7 October 2014

Episode 1 Editing update

Not had time to really write any posts lately as I am rebuilding my business website right down to the first bit of code from a blank page to a brand New Wilder looking website. I am also working on alot of videos for the Diaries of a Cheshire wildlife watcher which short entertain you through the cold Winter evenings. I have chosen one idea for the episodes setup after throwing out 2 ideas that did not feel right and as I was not happy with the final voice over recording. I have redone the script and I am currently working on that, I'm not sure of a release date but should be on in the next few weeks hopefully and once I get back into editing I should get quicker and push out high quality videos within a few days. Hopefully there should be an Episode a week once I get a few made and on the quiet weeks where nothings really going on I will be doing special Episodes with stories, footage and photographs from my archives.
Thank you


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